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Media Manager GDPR

Version 1.0 _ Vanilla 3.0+Plugin
The Media Manager enables the monitoring of all user uploads in the dashboard. A Masonry gallery and a file list with administrative functionalities help administrators to maintain community members uploads. According to the latest European GDPR policies managing uploaded content may become legally inevitable.
  • Overview: Get a clear overview of all uploaded files.
  • Sort and Filter: We drained every byte out of Press to make really speedy.
  • Manage: Delete or overwrite uploads with a default image ("Image removed by Admin").
  • User Information: User name, registration date and the number of posts help you indicate spammy upload attempts.
  • Lightbox Preview
  • Understand: We felt that Media Manager truly improves the understanding of your community.

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Gallery Plus

Version 1.0 _ Vanilla 3.0+Plugin
Gallery Plus adds a great functionality to every forum that relies on image uploads. The addon is displayed in the user profiles and gathers all image uploads in a default "Uploads" folder. Additionally users can freely add, edit and delete folders and upload images to create a gallery they want to show on their own profile. The functionality leaned towards Facebook gallery feature. An additional module showing the most recent image upload can be displayed in the panel/sidebar.
  • User profile galleries with an easy folder and file management ability.
  • Integrated Modules that allow to display user images in the profile and latest image uploads in the overall forum.
  • A maximum upload size and images per page setting can be defined in the dashboard.
  • Responsive Lightbox functionality to watch images in high-res.

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Search Plus

Version 1.0 _ Vanilla 3.0+Plugin
Search Plus improves Vanillaforums search functionality by adding new fields to filter down search results. Users are enabled to search by category, post type (discussion or comment), user or a given time frame.

By developing a search before post culture communities become more organized and search engines are more likely to rank a bold discussion than several small of a similar topic.
  • Type: Search only in discussions or comments.
  • Category: Allow search in a specific category of your forum.
  • User: Search only for content created by a certain user (with auto complete)
  • Time Frame: Narrow your search by a start AND/OR an end date.

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User Data Export GDPR

Version 1.0 _ Vanilla 3.0+Plugin
This addon enables users of your Vanillaforums community to export their personal data. This includes the user data from GDN_User, the text of their started discussions, comments and conversations messages (GDN_Discussion, GDN_Comment and GDN_ConnversationMessage).

The European GDPR obligates online media publishers to hand users of their service their personal data upon their request. This addon simplifies this process for community administrators and shows your users transparency when it comes to their data.
  • Simple export functionality through the user profile.
  • Export includes: profile, discussion, comments and conversations data.

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User Invite Referrer

Version 1.0 _ Vanilla 3.0+Plugin
This plugin is made to encourage users to support growth by inviting new members to your community. This can be done through email on desktop and additionally through WhatsApp on mobile (win 'em back). Users who actively participate in community growth can receive automated badges and awards through the YAGA gamification extension. Don't be shy, add incentives on top and let your users help you growing your forum.
  • Invitations: Users can send invitations from their user profile through a referrer link.
  • Link-Sharing: The link can easily be shared by Email or WhatsApp.
  • Invitation-Count: Users have avisible invitation count.
  • YAGA-Integration: YAGA rule to get users awarded for new sign ups through their referrer link.

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Always Edit First Comment

Version 1.0 _ Vanilla 3.0+Plugin
Allow users who started a discussion to edit the initial comment of a given category forever. The dashboard administration allows you to select in which categories editing of the first post is enabled.

This plugin often becomes helpful in cases where discussions are used in a organizational way. For example when participants of a category named "Forum Events" need to edit the first post of a discussion recurringly to provide updated information to the community.
  • No time limits for discussion edits by the author.
  • Setup options for individual categories or/and discussion IDs.

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CSS Minification

Version 1.0 _ Vanilla 3.0+Plugin
This plugin minifies, concatenates and caches all .css stylesheets into a single file to reduce bandwith usage. This is in line with best practices recommended by Google PageSpeed.

These files are cached indefinitely until the version numbers of installed plugins or themes change. This means, that in most cases, you do not need to do anything, when updating your forum. The plugin will take care of recompiling all assets for you.
  • Improved page speed for better Google Rankings.
  • Less server requests to speed up your forum.

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Buy CSS Minification 25$

Discussion Scheduler

Version 1.0 _ Vanilla 3.0+Plugin
Discussions Scheduler allows authorized groups to define a publishing date for a new discussion at a future date and time. Supported by a handy date picker you are able to define publishing date and the category it should be published to.

This function allows community managers and moderators to schedule specific topics, auto-publish recurring discussions or fulfill sponsored posts by advertising clients. While the author and moderators can see the disucssion it remains invisible for regular users or defined groups.
  • Date and time picker for easy publishing.
  • A hidden category serves as a vault for scheduled discussions.

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Free Plugins


Version 1.0 _ Vanilla 3.0+Plugin
This plugin simply ads date headers in the discussion list giving a better visual cue of what discussions received its last post on a given day of the week.

Headers like "Today", "Yesterday" and day specific dates are added to the discussion list.
  • Cleaner appearance of the discussion list.
  • Better visual orientation for your users.

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Download Date Separator Free Demo


Version 1.1 _ Vanilla 3.0+Plugin
Discussion inserts helps community managers to attach an HTML insert to any discussion. This might be ads, rules for specific discussions, referencing static content for your page or actionable contents (newsletter signup, etc.) of popular discussion.

The plugin allows to create different inserts for mobile and desktop users – for example if you would like to insdert topic sensitive ads with Google Ads. Insert can easily integrated through the discussion drop down "Add insert" in the frontend.
  • Frontend and dashboard management of inserts.
  • Insert content relevant elements pictures, links, forms or any HTML.
  • Cross reference other related discussions.

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Download Discussion Inserts Free Demo


Version 1.1 _ Vanilla 3.0+Plugin
This plugin adds a 'Zero Comments' link to the discussion filter box. That way a unique page is created displaying all discussions that have received no comments yet.

Zero Comments is useful to spot discussions and questions of users who are probably still waiting for an answer and would likely re-engage with your community if they receive one. Also a general feeling of "everyone is getting helped in this community" can be achieved which could lead to a better community culture.
  • See all discussions without responses with a simple click.
  • Re-engage new users who haven't recevied an answer.
  • Spot useless topics the comunity is not willing to engage with and can be deleted (link building posts, etc.).

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Download Zero Comments Free Demo


Version 1.0 _ Vanilla 3.0+Plugin
Vanillaforums Open Sources links are nofollow by default. This categorical settings can hurt your community in search engines signalizing a behaviour in opposition to current web standards.

The DoFollow plugin allows you to remove all nofollow tags in your communities discussions and posts.
  • Simpley removes nofollow tags.
  • Make your community fit for web standards.

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Download DoFollow Free Demo

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