All about Response.
  • Response is 'responsive' meaning it should look good even on mobile devices and tablets, we cannot guarantee it works fluidly across all platforms, but we have tested on iPhone and iPad, and she looks great.

    Ok here are some of the features.

    1. fluid responsive layout, across all major broswers and mobile devices.
    2. header system, with easily changed logo via default.master.php
    3. integrated advert system, for 468 x 60 adverts, with some tweaking you could adopt this to 728px x 90px adverts, again this is controlled simply via default.master.php file.
    4. custom menu bar, with fade on click. This can expand for even more pages.
    5. Total ground up custom css build, using css3 techniques and older browser fallback.
    6. custom php meta system !
    7. php date in menu ( editable via default.master.php )
    8. absolute custom footer with logo, link box, and twitter widget
    9.twitter widget fetches your last couple of tweets automatically, using set and forget technology.
    10. velocity back to top ( scroll to top ) added , so users can speed back to the top using auto scroll. Auto scroll icon only appears below the fold.
    11. custom site wide tooltips, on post avatars and responder avatars.
    12. custom tooltip and button bar integration, to parse url , tooltip and title with just one click, no typing meta code.
    13. fixed header, so your advert stays put all the time, with opacity sensor for greater appeal.
    14. custom discussions index page, slick and fast
    15. custom font system, with all included fonts.
    16. custom announcements with overlay image, and paperclip.
    17. custom new replies using css, positioned unobtrusively on avatar.
    18. custom RTF logos in footer, one takes you to the top.. one takes you to Twitter and the other to Facebook

    Plugins used, please see the Plugins Category

    Modifications, this site will not work right out of the box, there are some "path" related modifications you need to make before deploying the theme. This is easily done, just read up in our Category Modifications
  • Looks Nice ! Clean and crisp
  • Nice theme

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